Sunday, August 21, 2005


"The Comparisons of Titans" by Avtar Bachani

There are or there can be rather, plenty of wishes culminating in the mind of a teen-age boy belonging to a middle/lower class stratum of society. Because the very bracket of his economic status does not allow him to take everything around as granted. He doesn’t have opportunities that a boy of the same age as his, though of a different, richer class has. Everyday, we ourselves find this menacing demarcation of society.
If you belong to an upper class of society, than of-course you will feel lucky, and even despite so much of wealth you posses a sound and sane mind, you may reflect upon the miseries of a middle class vertebrate has to face (& perhaps you end up opening a wicked NGO). But if you fall flat from heavens to the other side of the coin, i.e in an atmosphere where stupid hopes, sizeable population and equally sufficient number of mosquitoes thrive and prevail. Then you can’t do anything but hope, study hard if this golden opportunity is provided to you, earn an admission in a third tear Government university, after 5 or 6 years get hold of an un-masterly "MASTERS", and then start looking for endless rejections disguised as job vacancies. And above all, look miserably sad. But lets leave this topic right here, and compare lives of two individuals from the cradle of both to the grave of only one (no prizes for guessing who is the one we are talking about).
"Richie Rich"
G.D.P for RICH + 8.4%
"Filthy Mitch"
G.D.P for POOR – 8.4 %
1) Richie rich is born the 1st and God willing, the only child of a rich family, perhaps the"Spencers" of Punjab.
1) Mitch is born the youngest so far but who said the last? In a family which looks more of a refugee than a local.
2) He is born in A.K.U Hopsital, Karachi.
2) Lyari is the landing station.
3) Is taken care by a "very high society" Granny.
3) Is taken care of by himself.
4) Age 5, the young lad is sent to an elite school, parents paying in thousands for school charges.
4) Waiting…
5) Enjoys happy meals at McDonalds, kicks the hell out of every one at KFC.
5) Finally gets an admission in a local government school, his favorite food is "dal chawal."
6) Plays "rugby" aussie style (as strange as if brits start playing kabbadi) in school, works in tableaus, participates in Dramatics.
6) Shines and portrays his acting skills in front of his hard hit father for a new cricket bat.
7) At age 15, Richie starts going to parties, hangs out with friends, is almost a "pro-gamer" at gaming zones, besides being "Mobile Freak". Shops only in Park Towers and atriums. Follows the brands religiously. Goes abroad for holidays.
7) At age 15, helps his mother and father in taking care of newly manufactured version, I mean his little brother. Goes to Landhi to visit his grand mother.
8) At 18, Richie completes his A’ levels in accounts, and looks for a degree already in a foreign university.
8) At 18, Mitch completes his intermediate, at equally well-placed marks, gives tuitions in "mobile fashion" in and around Lyari to bear his further educational expenses
9) Gets his "ASTON MARTIN".
9) Gets the entire city transport as gift of "Enlightened Segregation."
10) After completing his Masters in the states, rich readily finds a job there. His life’s one liner "All is well when one has wealth."
10) Filthy Mitch, gets his M.A and does a teaching job in a school nearby his residence.