Tuesday, October 07, 2008


This is perhaps the last time I’m writing from home this month. I’ll be reporting back to the academy on the 8th of this month. Again my promise to myself regarding blogging regularly vanished away. But anyways I think I’ll be able to continue once I get to the lab. What’s up, nothing much honestly. I’ve got a tour ahead of Sindh, consisting visits planned at Kotri, Hala, Sukkur, Khairpur, a gas field in Thar, Larkana, Mohan-jo-Daro etc. So that’s a bit of excitement, otherwise this year has been a nadir. I’ll write about my visit once I return from it.
Last post saw me flabbergasting about the movie I watched. I’m listening to songs write now and thought comes to my mind regarding this “influx” of Indian movies coming to local cinemas. Honestly speaking I’ve rather enjoyed going to cinema and just looking at the big screen, the sound is fabulous too. I just believe that cinema is a very vital source of in-expensive entertainment for an average family or an individual for that matter. It’s good to see distributors and cinema owners doing a thriving business. Why? Because it’s directly proportional to cinemas going stronger. I’ve to say though; the business that an average Indian movie makes here is peanuts compared to what it collects in India itself. We’ve only got a few cinemas country-wide. I am really for putting up new cinemas all across Pakistan.

It’s strange that I’ve never wrote anything to do with art and all that, even in my college essays let alone the blog. These days my fingers just get that itchy feeling about writing something even remotely related to arts. Anyways, will some one be kind enough to tell me what the difference between performing and non-performing arts is? I mean the folks at NAPA keep chanting all those promotional bhajans regarding performing arts. What
are performing arts? Okay, leave it to that, “jo beet gayi so bat gai.”

I’ve been an avid cinema for the last one year. I’ve almost enjoyed all the movies so far. But the one crafted (if that’s the right word) by Javed Sheikh has left me in a collection of feelings, frustrated that my 150 Rs went to waste, confused because of the twisted plot (it was a zigzag maze). But nevertheless I was quite bemused by all the performances, in particular the dance sequences. Sana, the chief protagonist looked ever so colossal. I wonder what diet she follows, I want to have the same.

Believe that’s more that enough for this time.

Saturday, October 04, 2008


I am back, well hate using this phrase every time I blog. Its been almost four months since I last wrote something. I have to keep my self active now. The last time I said that I’ve got about six months left in my graduation, well now there are only about 2 or little less than that. What have I been doing in these months, topping my list; loosing my captaincy in academy. Faring poorly again in my exams, wasting away holidays doing nothing. This year has surely been a constructive one.
I’ve been watching all the blogs, all kinds of them. One thing that I’ve noticed is that everybody seems to be interested in politics. Do people really care as to what is happening in the political scene or is this one of the many recent “fad?” I wonder. Perhaps it may have to do something with this entire craze that information media i.e. news channels and papers etc. I find it quite strange to see simple statements being labeled as “breaking news.” Perhaps we have over-sensationalized news.
Though there’s nothing wrong expressing one’s opinion about core issues, but when people start following the trend and do it just to be “in” it starts getting obvious and boring indeed.
Changing lanes. Just last night I watched ROCK ON, Farhan Akhter’s on-screen debut. I’ve to stay it’s the first movie in years that I’ve seen without pointing out any flaw that I could think of. I have this ridiculous habit of ridiculing every movie I watch with my friends but the simplicity of the story this movie really made me to keep shut. The story line is impressively simple; the continuity of the movie is good. Arjun Rampal’s performance is what I believe to be ultimate. His role shows a person who is talented yet is unable to tap it because of his friendly and simple nature. Farhan Akhter’s role which obviously is the lead one, is a talented lead singer in the band, who is fast enough to capitalize on the chance once they get it, but this selfish acts of his thrashes apart the group. Here I’ve to stay that performances by the whole cast have been good. But Arjun Rampal’s performance as a talented, yet socially pressurized guitarist stands out as phenomenal. Farhan Akhter stands his ground as a confident debutant, his directorial stints obviously assisting him greatly to understand the intricacies of facing the camera. The music of the movie has to be the best that has come so far this year as far as I’m concerned, no second thoughts about this one. Hats off to Farhan Akhter for lending his vocals in a “true rock-star avatar.” It will be bad to see this movie not winning any major award, it honestly deserves the best in story, and supporting lead. A must watch for those who believe in good structured stories.

Thursday, June 19, 2008


Well the vacations are coming to an end, and I’ve failed once again to write extensively for the blog. It seems that consistency is a word not willing to be synonymous with me. There are just four days left for me to stay. I am not home sick. No way! But I had decided to do blogging this time around. What I did end up doing was going through the blogs of other people without working on my own (do I sound selfish?).

My previous blog ended on the notification of my becoming a senior cadet. Talking of cadets, I do expect some people to question as to what sort of cadet I am? Because some people, and this some is a big-some, believe all those who go through military training are harsh and expressionless.

But Cadets are human being in the first place, right? You cannot expect any human to be devoid of any opinion. We are all opinionated. The harsh regimen and training only improves your physical strength and your ability to maintain your ideas and hold on to them tightly. It creates enough stamina in you to bear any kind of tough conditions. It teaches you to cope-up. And to cope is the name of the game.

Life has been leaving aside a few happenings, “eventless.” In the last few years I haven’t been able to some how find any kind of fire. Fire that can make me excited to work upon something with passion. It’s all going pretty steady. Without any turns or ordeals or any big successes. Very plain curved right on the x-axis, almost stuck to it like glue. One way or the other, I have to find some co-ordinates that can make me score on that Y-axis.

Those, who are of the opinion that only REEL life has got twist and turns…, raise their hands. Stupid, you people are not. But surely we’ve got high and low moments. Kodak? Nah!! I am not that romantic.

How’s life as a senior cadet? Well, you get to do all the things that you could not during your junior term. That is walking on the upper level of the floor called the “upper gangway”. You get to watch TV (yes, no TV for juniors). You can your bring your pc to your hostel. You have ample time to buy your stuff at the TUC shop. You have the right to go to the hostel roof.

Most of all, you get to rag the juniors, in any fashion you like, but within moral limits. You can play all kinds of sports whether you know the games or not. The reason being, only seniors are empowered to select a team. If you get selected as a junior, you must be a good sportsman. Probably the most liked treat of having the title “Senior Cadet” marked against your name is; that you can do what you please once your working hours come to a closure. You can watch a movie, read a good book if you like. You are empowered and entitled. A junior is simply not. Even in the un-official time he is ragged about or has to waste his time listening to gibberish of a senior.

I hope to continue more, but anyways,

Adios Omegos!

Friday, June 06, 2008


This is after two years that I am writing something. I was gone for this period, out of this whole writing scene because I failed to find any reason that may have compelled me to write about anything. Another major factor may’ve been that I went to do my marine engineering (which I am about to complete now) and I had very little time to re-explore my writing talents(if I’ve got any).

What compelled me to write again? Well the answer lies in the whole blogging culture that seems to have developed with a full throttle. Honestly never did I find so many blogs two years back. Having said that, I’ve to acknowledge the fact that these blogs are very well written pieces.

Perhaps “it’s in the best interest of our nation” as “one” was found quoted saying in the time not so long ago. I’m talking about blogging. Before this whole scene became “in-vague”, people wanted some place to channel-ize their thoughts, their views I believe somewhere. One gets ridiculously tired and bored talking to the same set of people all the time. We always feel an impending need to meet and be-friend new people. Blogging perhaps gives them this new group or a new friend whom they can talk to, rather make them listen to or read their opinion.

Yes, rather than exchanging views with new people, we always want people to listen us without uttering a single word. It’s not morally in-correct, neither in-line with one’s appreciation of slavish dealing. It’s correct because, one hardly gets a person who would listen to one without mouthing some sort of argument. One may disagree on that count, I believe. Of-course, the means of arguing, commenting are there for all to take up.
But, many amongst you must be agreeing with me in their hearts of hearts that we all want our diaries somewhere in our-lives to be read or commented upon? Of-course, you can maintain the level of secrecy. That’s totally in your hands. Another factor may be that most of us have that itching of being an artist. Blogging is an easy way “in” into that.

Ok, cutting the crap as they say, why I was gone, well my last post was in August 2006. After that I went to the Pakistan Marine Academy. Mission statement: complete your BS in Maritime Studies. Well, I took Marine engineering as an option provided. Now this programme comprises of two-years of study followed by a year’s article-ship. The first year you are termed as “Juniors.” Now this labeling as a God-damned slut (read junior) is official. You are officially messed up with, hate to use that f word. Your seniors, students/cadets who are a year ahead of you, rag you with no reason, no moral, don’t know why. This whole thing goes on for a year till the senior batch passes out of the academy. Then seniority is all there for the taking. I became a senior this January.