Friday, June 06, 2008


This is after two years that I am writing something. I was gone for this period, out of this whole writing scene because I failed to find any reason that may have compelled me to write about anything. Another major factor may’ve been that I went to do my marine engineering (which I am about to complete now) and I had very little time to re-explore my writing talents(if I’ve got any).

What compelled me to write again? Well the answer lies in the whole blogging culture that seems to have developed with a full throttle. Honestly never did I find so many blogs two years back. Having said that, I’ve to acknowledge the fact that these blogs are very well written pieces.

Perhaps “it’s in the best interest of our nation” as “one” was found quoted saying in the time not so long ago. I’m talking about blogging. Before this whole scene became “in-vague”, people wanted some place to channel-ize their thoughts, their views I believe somewhere. One gets ridiculously tired and bored talking to the same set of people all the time. We always feel an impending need to meet and be-friend new people. Blogging perhaps gives them this new group or a new friend whom they can talk to, rather make them listen to or read their opinion.

Yes, rather than exchanging views with new people, we always want people to listen us without uttering a single word. It’s not morally in-correct, neither in-line with one’s appreciation of slavish dealing. It’s correct because, one hardly gets a person who would listen to one without mouthing some sort of argument. One may disagree on that count, I believe. Of-course, the means of arguing, commenting are there for all to take up.
But, many amongst you must be agreeing with me in their hearts of hearts that we all want our diaries somewhere in our-lives to be read or commented upon? Of-course, you can maintain the level of secrecy. That’s totally in your hands. Another factor may be that most of us have that itching of being an artist. Blogging is an easy way “in” into that.

Ok, cutting the crap as they say, why I was gone, well my last post was in August 2006. After that I went to the Pakistan Marine Academy. Mission statement: complete your BS in Maritime Studies. Well, I took Marine engineering as an option provided. Now this programme comprises of two-years of study followed by a year’s article-ship. The first year you are termed as “Juniors.” Now this labeling as a God-damned slut (read junior) is official. You are officially messed up with, hate to use that f word. Your seniors, students/cadets who are a year ahead of you, rag you with no reason, no moral, don’t know why. This whole thing goes on for a year till the senior batch passes out of the academy. Then seniority is all there for the taking. I became a senior this January.