Saturday, October 04, 2008


I am back, well hate using this phrase every time I blog. Its been almost four months since I last wrote something. I have to keep my self active now. The last time I said that I’ve got about six months left in my graduation, well now there are only about 2 or little less than that. What have I been doing in these months, topping my list; loosing my captaincy in academy. Faring poorly again in my exams, wasting away holidays doing nothing. This year has surely been a constructive one.
I’ve been watching all the blogs, all kinds of them. One thing that I’ve noticed is that everybody seems to be interested in politics. Do people really care as to what is happening in the political scene or is this one of the many recent “fad?” I wonder. Perhaps it may have to do something with this entire craze that information media i.e. news channels and papers etc. I find it quite strange to see simple statements being labeled as “breaking news.” Perhaps we have over-sensationalized news.
Though there’s nothing wrong expressing one’s opinion about core issues, but when people start following the trend and do it just to be “in” it starts getting obvious and boring indeed.
Changing lanes. Just last night I watched ROCK ON, Farhan Akhter’s on-screen debut. I’ve to stay it’s the first movie in years that I’ve seen without pointing out any flaw that I could think of. I have this ridiculous habit of ridiculing every movie I watch with my friends but the simplicity of the story this movie really made me to keep shut. The story line is impressively simple; the continuity of the movie is good. Arjun Rampal’s performance is what I believe to be ultimate. His role shows a person who is talented yet is unable to tap it because of his friendly and simple nature. Farhan Akhter’s role which obviously is the lead one, is a talented lead singer in the band, who is fast enough to capitalize on the chance once they get it, but this selfish acts of his thrashes apart the group. Here I’ve to stay that performances by the whole cast have been good. But Arjun Rampal’s performance as a talented, yet socially pressurized guitarist stands out as phenomenal. Farhan Akhter stands his ground as a confident debutant, his directorial stints obviously assisting him greatly to understand the intricacies of facing the camera. The music of the movie has to be the best that has come so far this year as far as I’m concerned, no second thoughts about this one. Hats off to Farhan Akhter for lending his vocals in a “true rock-star avatar.” It will be bad to see this movie not winning any major award, it honestly deserves the best in story, and supporting lead. A must watch for those who believe in good structured stories.