Tuesday, October 07, 2008


This is perhaps the last time I’m writing from home this month. I’ll be reporting back to the academy on the 8th of this month. Again my promise to myself regarding blogging regularly vanished away. But anyways I think I’ll be able to continue once I get to the lab. What’s up, nothing much honestly. I’ve got a tour ahead of Sindh, consisting visits planned at Kotri, Hala, Sukkur, Khairpur, a gas field in Thar, Larkana, Mohan-jo-Daro etc. So that’s a bit of excitement, otherwise this year has been a nadir. I’ll write about my visit once I return from it.
Last post saw me flabbergasting about the movie I watched. I’m listening to songs write now and thought comes to my mind regarding this “influx” of Indian movies coming to local cinemas. Honestly speaking I’ve rather enjoyed going to cinema and just looking at the big screen, the sound is fabulous too. I just believe that cinema is a very vital source of in-expensive entertainment for an average family or an individual for that matter. It’s good to see distributors and cinema owners doing a thriving business. Why? Because it’s directly proportional to cinemas going stronger. I’ve to say though; the business that an average Indian movie makes here is peanuts compared to what it collects in India itself. We’ve only got a few cinemas country-wide. I am really for putting up new cinemas all across Pakistan.

It’s strange that I’ve never wrote anything to do with art and all that, even in my college essays let alone the blog. These days my fingers just get that itchy feeling about writing something even remotely related to arts. Anyways, will some one be kind enough to tell me what the difference between performing and non-performing arts is? I mean the folks at NAPA keep chanting all those promotional bhajans regarding performing arts. What
are performing arts? Okay, leave it to that, “jo beet gayi so bat gai.”

I’ve been an avid cinema for the last one year. I’ve almost enjoyed all the movies so far. But the one crafted (if that’s the right word) by Javed Sheikh has left me in a collection of feelings, frustrated that my 150 Rs went to waste, confused because of the twisted plot (it was a zigzag maze). But nevertheless I was quite bemused by all the performances, in particular the dance sequences. Sana, the chief protagonist looked ever so colossal. I wonder what diet she follows, I want to have the same.

Believe that’s more that enough for this time.