Thursday, January 13, 2011

JANUARY 2011 - 1

Being an ordinary citizen of Pakistan, my dreams are of simple nature as well. For it is some very basic solutions that may turn our country into an Eldoradian peaceful state.

My dream has a secular ideology serving as the benchmark of the national constitution, a step closer to the notions, held dear by Mr.Jinnah. My dream includes efforts by the Government and judiciary in bringing about customs heralding merit and justice to the poor. My dream circumnavigates the idea that all universal living amenities are provided to every citizen of this nation, which is full of heart yet lacks the blood that will drive its dreams to completion.

I dream of education and health being accorded their rightful significance by the state actors. That inexpensive medical remedies are provided to people earning less than 2 dollars a day and sent to death-beds due to diseases as trivial as diarrhea. I dream of a universal standard of education offered to every student of the country, with a syllabus that promotes a spirit of respect, tolerance and indeed love towards those sporting different ideologies. My dream contrary to corrupted reality, does not hold honesty, merit playing second fiddle to the so-called practical traits of the practical world like corruption, dishonesty and "tempered-with" national interests.

In my dream, we are a 99.99% nation when it comes to the standards of G.N.H - Gross National Happiness.