Sunday, January 15, 2012


At the risk of letting my personality be judged by others and making it vulnerable to opinions that may or not be favourable to myself, I write in this space for the sheer freedom that writing accords me. Many issues have come to public notice in the last few months in Pakistan. But I for some reason am least concerned with what is going around me. There is simply too much going around; memo-gate, military-government tussle, emergence of PTI as an annoying juggernaut in infancy, my own studies, work.

But what really has been concerning me in the last few months is the very troubling need for setting up personal goals for not just my career, but life on the whole. Indeed life is more than attaining a successful career, which is only a segment of a prosperous life. Defining the manner in which you conduct your dealings with the people in your life, and setting up the level to which you want anyone’s thoughts, concerns have an influence over your activities is a very complex question, one whose answer I have been trying to determine for the very first time in my life.

Dale Carnegie, Deepak Chopra, Dr. Phil, Stephen Covey all these people have been talking something closer to sense, only I took them as a joke when my brother used to read them. Like I said in the beginning, by confessing to people that I am looking for a more concrete meaning to lead my life, I am opening myself to a lot of judgements, criticisms and sympathy combined in a cob-web of concern.

Should other people be considered as an important factor in deciding how one’s supposed to lead one's life? Before, I was of the opinion that my friends, family didn’t really matter in the decisions that I made for myself. Now I think I was wrong, grossly wrong. I think that although friends may not be a forceful factor in making you make your own decisions, they somehow end up influencing your life in some way, anyway. No matter how independent or self-reliant you think you are, chances are that devil that resides inside us all craving for appreciation and approval grows up someday and makes us a prisoner of reaction-hungry sentiments.

Ignoring this latent evil altogether may paint your persona as an isolated hunchback, playing totally to the Satan’s gallery is bound to throttle you to the deepest pits of darkness. What should one do in such a situation? Answer? I believe that a balanced approach that listens to the importance of one’s own need for contentment and the care that is so crucial to be given to what others think as well is an answer to my and many people’s question. You can’t make everyone happy and at the same time you can’t pretend to be a social animal while remaining religiously aloof to all the concerns of the society. It is precisely because of such reasons that we find ‘BALANCE’ to be such a balanced word.